Choose the Right Supplement for Your Horse

Choose the Right Supplement for Your Horse

Optimum Witanor

Increases strength and performance, builds muscle, proper body weight, hover growth, quick recovery after hard work and exercise, visible muscles and drier tendons, etc.


• Splitter phytates in cereals.
• Increases the level of available phosphorus in feed.
• Absorbs and neutralizes the widespread mycotoxins – aflatoxin b1, zearalenone, t-2 toxin, ochratoxin, vomitoxin and others.
• Reduces digestive tract disorders, normalizes digestion.
• Blocks and suppresses the effect of the number of pathogenic and opportunistic microorganisms in the gut.
• Improves and supports the immune system and protective functions of the organism.
• Reduces feed cost and consumption.

First of all, let’s start with the one supplement I have been using for ages. To be more exact – 3 years! Witanor Horse is a supplement I started using when I bought Baldur, and it has helped us so much! Not only does it help him gain weight(he had a period where he was very skinny), but also muscle mass that stays forever. Since getting his diagnosis, we’ve had periods of 3-5 weeks at a time where he would stand still. But his muscles never faded. That way it was easier to take breaks and come back without having to work alot to get back to where we were before the break. In addition, Witanor does wonder for the stamina! Baldur can go on for ages without tiring.

Witanor also helps to stabilize the gut flora. Baldur has, cross my heart, NEVER had diarrhea since I started giving him Witanor. He also used to be very skittish, something that has “tuned down” since we started this supplement. He is still skittish, but the level of skittish is way lower than it used to be. His fur is also great, and it has helped alot with the worst parts of the eczema. Not only has it helped with all of the above, but I do strongly believe it has helped Baldur alot with healing processes. Taking biopsies, using chemo treatments, and generally wounds – it all heals faster for Baldur. I definitely recommend this product!

- Mathilde Kvernland

Vi bruker Witanor til hestene våre, av positive forandringer ved oppstart/bruk av Witanor kan det nevnes: flott muskelbygging etter kort tid trening, det hjelper å holde hesten myk og smidig også ved lengre transport, eksem hesten trenger ikke annen behandling lenger (kun dekken og inn på natta), hestene blir også veldig tilfreds rolig og avslappet men med god fokusert arbeidsvilje og energi, hesten min har fått en fyldig hårvekst med kraftig man og lugg, pluss mye sterkere hover. Så Witanor er eneste tilskudd vi trenger i kraftforet til hestene. Det hjelper dem også å utnytte det foret de får. Tusen takk for et flott produkt👌🏼 Det anbefales på det sterkeste!👍🏼

-Maria Waagan

Jeg bruker witanor horse på hesten min og har gjort det i 2år. Dette har hjulpet min hest til å ta bedre utnyttelse av foret, noe som er viktig i og med at han er hingst. Han holder seg mer utholden i trening og blir ikke lengre stiv av å stå lenge på transport, noe han kunne blitt tidligere. Han holder seg generelt mykere og smidigere i kroppen

-Amanda Waagan Lillerovde

About Us


Witanor AS is a Norwegian owned company established on 2015 by a farrier and a horse enthusiast, who in his carrier witnessed different type of Animal sickness, especially on horses which are very popular in Norway for Sports, Farming, etc.
According to him, Many diseases comes from the food they eat and sometimes due to environmental factors, but this can easily avoided and treated by boosting the digestive system of the Animal.

Digestive system is the largest organ in the Animal's body. Most of the Nutrients, Vitamins, Minerals, etc essential for the Animals well being are processed in the digestive system and are being absorb into different organs in the body.

Witanor Products are formulated specifically to aid, boost and maintain a healthy stomach thus the saying

"Healthy Gut - Healthy Animals" the core principle that makes Witanor AS the leading Animal Supplements in the market.

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Witanor AS
Sorenskriver bullsgate 62
6002 Alesund, Norway
+47 944 92 966

Org. No.: 817 802 362

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