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Witanor is a unique food supplement for horses and dogs that stabilizes the animals’ stomach and intestinal flora. The product consists of important enzymes, yeast cell walls and lactobacillus.

Enzymes are important for the feed to be parsed correctly and for the nutrients to get best possible available for the body. Yeast cell walls absorbs mycotoxins and radicals from forage, and protects the body from these harsh and undesirable elements. Lacobacillus stabilizes the pH abd bacteria in the stomach and gastrointestinal tract. Witanor has an optimal composition that allows the horses and dogs to remain stable and healthy in stomach and intestines. This helps the horses and dogs to withstand strain such as stress, exercise and forage change optimally.

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Improves the breakdown of feed and gives your horse a more stable gut flora

Witanor Horse is a feed additive that helps to improve the breakdown of feed and increased uptake of nutrients. The product contains vegetable enzymes and trillion lactic acid bacteria. Bacteria and enzymes in interaction play an important role in the gut and making the environment less favorable for pathogenic bacteria while making food easier to transport through the digestive system.

This helps to restore balance in the intestines and protect against stomach problems. The horse will cope with stress-causing situations better; travel, hard training, competitions etc.

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Prevents feeding related diseases

Buildup of feed in the digestive system can cause stomach problems and development of toxins which can cause constipation, laminitis and colic. The horse does not take up essential nutrients and will have problems with its blood sugar. In addition, there may be intermittent appetite. Witanor Horse helps to break down feed the horse eats and prevents feed-related issues

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Stabilizes feed consumption and improves nutrient absorption

A medium-sized horse eats about 15 kilos of feed a day. During increased physical activity, the need for feed increases. Witanor Horse will stabilize your horse’s needs, help to improve appetite and reduce overeating.

Witanor Overall Protection

Leads toxicity out of the body

Unwanted waste in the feed is taken up by the intestinal system, it goes into the bloodstream and spreads throughout the body. This can impair the horse’s immune system, cause parasitic formation and negatively affect the kidneys, liver, and muscles. Witanor Horse contains yeast cell walls that adhere to the toxicity in the feed and leads it out of the body. This gives the horse increased recovery between sessions because the body will not absorb waste. The body is then better equipped to do its exercises correctly, like get rid of lactic acid during exercise/stress