Great effort by Indiana and Urta!

Photo: Arild Haddal

In the weekend SpareBanken Møre Høstcup 2016 there were also good results at Indiana Angelica Hovin Wenaas and Urta from Stekkjardal. Urta has been on Witanor Horse enzymes since autumn 2015, and this has given great results! Indiana tells:

“After Saturday’s withdrawals, we were in 3rd place in V1 and T1 junior. Not the best competitions we have had, but with regard to pasture time and free, I am more satisfied with both the horse and our performance. On Sunday we arrived on a 3rd place in V1 with 5.73 and a 3rd place in T1 with 5.50 It is fun to see that there are major improvements in Urta’s gaits.We have had an incredibly good season and have seen great improvements through the season 2016.

Much of the help has been incredibly good by Svein Sortehaug and Witanor Horse which I give Urta every day. Urta has long been a horse that is very excited. Previously, she has a lot of stress, which in turn has caused problems with attending. She did not want to trot because she became the driver of many other horses on the track. After using Witanor since autumn 2015, I have seen major changes. This year she has trotted on all the rallies and she is a much easier horse to have to do. Who has a lot to say when working as a team! We highly recommend Witanor Horse! “

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