Caroline and Loftur – Master’s 2016!

Photo: Juliane Kingren

A week ago, Caroline Gleditsch Holstad at Kingsland Oslo Horse Show was with the Icelandic Horse Loftur from Lian to attend Mestertølt 2016. Caroline and Loftur were invited to participate with nine other strong Icelandic horse carriages. The competition was great and, as the youngest on the start lists, the expectations of Caroline were then.

On Saturday, there were competitions in a large indoor arena with lots of audience. “This was unfamiliar to us, so I was a little excited about how Loftur reacted, but I had no reason to worry about it,” says Caroline. Loftur took it all quietly and did his job. Caroline and Loftur ended with the grades 7.67 overall, and thus came in 4th place and were secured an A-finals.

On Sunday they were ready to ride the A-finals. There was a great atmosphere and lots of crowds. But Loftur was still as calm. -He seemed fine, and we finally ended up with the grades 7.66 and a 5th place. Far above expectations, and it was a top conference weekend, says Caroline.

-Air has been going to Witanor for almost two months, and there has been a lot of progress. He has become more concentrated and has gained more energy on both training and competition. In addition, he tackles the transition to new feed better, both at home and when we are competing. We highly recommend this!

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