Triple victory on the race track!

Witanor will once again congratulate our consumers on great results on the race track!

Suldal Hestesenter with great first place under the Champion Gold race. They got it with Ness Tjo Stjerna, with a total time of 3:04 over 2180m. Here it was a clear victory that we can see on target photo!

As we can see on the target photo of Ness Tjo Stjerna, it once again became a superior victory! Photo:

It also became a nice place for Stall Racing’s Sordo. Sordo and the coach entered the first place with a time of 2: 58.5 over a distance of 2040.

Goal photo of Stall Racing’s Sordo. Here it was close about 2, 3 and 4 place, but there was no doubt who the winner of the race was. Photo:

Finally, it became a first place for Nina Marie Erga Vold’s Torben. Here it went fast, namely 2: 16.7 over 1600m.

Goal picture by Nina Marie Erga Vold’s Torben. Photo:

There is also no doubt that Witanor Horse makes great use of it. A recreation in all the horses is good strength, fitness and stamina. The Ness Tjo horses have eaten Witanor Horse since October 2015, and the outcome really shows results!

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