Good results for Chantelle Haagensen!

The newest addition to the family, Conixion in four years, was part of their first convention and started 80cm. There they went clear round two days in a row. He’s started with Witanor and is already getting clearer in his head and putting on. Emitri, who has already spent a long time at Witanor, got a good first place in 120 after a fantastic exciting round of races. Miss Cacha M entered a first place in 120 open class. Last but not least, Cocon entered first place in 130.

It was a great weekend for the Witanor horses in Innvika. Chantelle says it was a good experience and adds that the horses are very happy with the product since they are now doing better what they love to do now that they are able to concentrate on their job!

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