Pure Organic Acid & Synbiotic


1000 Grams / 1 Kilo

Extra energy during hard work, competition and long distance running, improves horse performance and endurance, boosts the immune system and prevents infection from other horses.

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Pure Organic Acid & Synbiotic, Organic Acids + Probiotics + Prebiotics

Organic acid and Synbiotic

The supplementation of organic acids and Synbiotic at the right high doses in animal feed can increase the body weight, to build new tissues and help with cellular repair which takes place when muscles are recovering any horses involved in heavy training may require this supplement to ensure enough of the various essential organic acids and Synbiotic are consumed to meet the body’s need

How does Witanor organic acids works?

Firstly, it may help to understand what muscle is made up for. Muscle is composed of a large amount of protein and that are made up of amino acids. When the horse eats a feed with protein in, the protein is broken down into its individual component, the amino acids.

Witanor Organic Acids is made up of different calcium which are involved in muscle function.  Daily use of this product is therefore to be recommended, particularly when a horse sweats, to ensure these salts are replaced, aiding re hydration and recovery after exercise and helping to support correct muscle function. This way, not only is the diet supplying all that is necessary to build and repair muscle tissue but we are also ensuring these muscles can function to the best of their ability with the hope that they recover from fatigue and injury more easily.


If your horse needs extra energy for competition and you have a working horse then the best thing to do is supply your horse with optimum plus additional organic acids

Organic acid

  • Organic acid is a daily digestive additive for stabilization and stimulation of digestion, for absorption of feed mycotoxins and applied as alternative to antibiotics for safety and vitality of young animals, provides the feed with organic acids.
  • Healthy digestive system performs vital functions such as absorbing nutrients and blocking potentially harmful substances and microorganisms.
  • Organic acid contains lactic acid bacteria for filling of digestive tract by norm flora, for suppression of pathogenic and opportunistic pathogenic microflora, yeast cell wall for adsorb ion of feed mycotoxins and organic acids and salts for directional influence on correction of intestinal biocenosis.


  • Lactic acid bacteria are intended for stabilization and stimulation of digestion, for filling of digestive tract by norm flora, for suppression of pathogenic and opportunistic pathogenic micro flora.
  • Yeast cell wall is the first-rate adsorbent of feed mycotoxins for the most effective solution of mycotoxins problems in livestock and poultry.
  • Organic acids and salts – high acidulant based on 5 organic acids and powerful probiotic preparation.


  • Directed settlement by useful microflora
  • Production of amino acids and vitamins of group b
  • Absorb and neutralizes the widespread mycotoxins – aflatoxin b1, zearalenone, t-2 toxin, ochratoxin, vomitoxin and others.
  • Reduces disorders of the digestive tract, normalizes digestion
  • Blocks and suppresses the action of the number of pathogenic and opportunistic microorganisms in the gut
  • Improves and supports the immune system and the protective functions of the organism
  • Recovers, stimulates and stabilizes the productivity of animals
  • Creation of the protective barrier against infection
  • Antifungal effect, prevention of mycotoxins formation in feed
  • Optimally selected composition


  • Begin feeding 60 days prior to competition, sale, show or breeding season.
  • Mix one full measuring cup of organic acids and Synbiotic in the horse’s favorite feed twice a day.
  • Recommended for daily use
  • Has plenty of clean, fresh water available at all times.
  • Introduce slowly over a few days, so the horse gets used to the new taste

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