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Optimum Witanor Dogs

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Witanor Optimum – is a supplement that provides both the necessary raw material for growth and regeneration of damaged tissue and energy for intense work and physical exertion. Optimum consists of the components Witanor Organic Acids Acids & Synbiotics (organic acids and synbiotics) and Witanor Pure Probiotic (prebiotics and probiotics).

This is the only such blend, successfully recognized in the world market!

The use of Witanor Optimum is similar to the methods of athletes and consists of simple principles:

Regularly add Optimum to your daily diet to keep your animal in good health and well-being, improve muscle growth and regeneration, and prevent disease.
In case the animal has reduced immunity (disease, postoperative condition, convalescence, etc.) To Optimal from point 1 add more Witanor Pure Probiotic to strengthen the fight against pathogens and improve the immune system.


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Enzymes :

Enzymes play an important role in physiology, including neurotransmitter functions, energy production and digestion by accelerating chemical reactions. In the digestive process, enzymes help to break down food into smaller particles, so that nutrients can be easily absorbed.


  • Lowers both food PH and buffer capacity.
  • Supports treatment and prevention of a variety of diseases and conditions (eg Diarrhea, chronic intestinal diseases, etc.)
  • It inhibits the growth and activity of harmful bacteria such as E.coli, Salmonella and Clostridium perfringens, ensuring the maintenance of intestinal walls and intestinal villi in good condition.

By taking care of your dog’s gut condition, Witanor Optimum supports one of the most key organs responsible for immunity.

Only 0.5 scoops (depending on the size and weight of the dog) mix the product with a meal 1 or 2 times a day, every day.

For a dog of about 40 kg, one pack is enough for about 2 months of regular use.

Optimal is the key – if your dog is going through a difficult time at shows, during increased training, etc., you can give him more organic acids, and if the dog is sick and taking antibiotics or have digestive problems, add more probiotics!

Optimum is the only blend of probiotics and organic acids in the world, so you can maximize the effect by adding one of the ingredients – depending on the situation the dog is in. The same goes for horses – however there are other conditions for administration and absorption of the product