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Pure Enzymes & Synbiotic

Enzymes + Probiotics + Prebiotics + Yeast Cell Wall

Mann oligosaccharides





Digestive Enzymes

Because of the complexity of the digestive process and the horse’s limited ability to handle starch, problems related to digestive upset are common. Supporting this process with a combination of digestive enzymes. Beneficial probiotics and microbial fermentation products can maximize his digestive efficiency.



Probiotic supplement will do specific things for your horse, such as ‘reduce your feed costs, reduce the potential for your horse to get colic, or enhance the performance of your horse.’”

Absorb more of the nutrients they are already receiving in hay, grain and bucket feeds Maintain a healthy gut, which is the basis for a healthy horse.



Prebiotics (“pre-life”) are essential “food for life” for intestinal bacteria and probiotics, promoting their growth and activity. Prebiotics cannot be digested directly by the body, but are consumed by the beneficial bacteria in order to help them function properly.


Yeast Cell Wall

Yeast cell wall increases the efficiency of energy production in horses that ferment fiber via microbial breakdown. Although the exact mechanism remains elusive, one theory is that the yeast feeds the beneficial bacteria that convert fiber into energy in the cow's rumen and the horse's hindgut.

Yeast supplementation also enhances protein and mineral digestibility. This is especially critical for young and growing horses, broodmares, and high-performance horses.


How to use:

“If your horse eats between 12 and 18 kg of feed a day, give it one full measuring cup of Witanor Horse in the morning and one in the evening. By increasing the amount of exercise or hard competition sessions, you can increase the dose to one full cup three times a day.”



1 Pure Enzymes and Synbiotic 3000 Grams (2)


Mix one full measuring cup of Witanor enzymes and synbiotics in the morning and in the evening

By increasing the amount of exercise or hard competition sessions, or for severely stressed horses, you can increase the dose to one full cup three times a day.

INTRODUCE slowly over a few days so the horse gets used to the new taste


Measuring cup included.

Recommended on daily basis to maximize intestinal flora and digestive efficiency.



Be aware that the product needs to be given not just to correct the apparent symptoms, it needs to be administered long enough so that the digestive tract is given time to repair itself after that, use regular feeding amounts for maintenance.

feed hay along with this ration as per direction to improve the overall performance of horses and help prevent horse colic with natural health care.