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Pure Organic Acid & Synbiotic

Organic Acids + Probiotics + Prebiotics + Yeast Cell Wall

Organic Acid and Synbiotic

The supplementation of organic acids and Synbiotic at the right high doses in animal feed can increase the body weight, to build new tissues and help with cellular repair which takes place when muscles are recovering Any horses involved in heavy training may require this supplement to ensure enough of The various essential organic acids and Synbiotic are consumed to meet the body’s need.

Witanor organic acid is touted as safe because it is a natural acid that is already present in the horse’s digestive system.

  • To give young digestive systems a head start.

  • Supports muscle and joint health, circulation and overall well being

  • To compensate for the effects of stress. Dietary changes, travel and/or competition can put stress on a horse’s system.

Recommended for:

  • Newborn Foals

  • Geriatric horses

  • Horses that travel a lot, or are otherwise under a lot of stress

  • “Hard keepers” – those horses that have a difficult time maintaining weight


  1. Begin feeding 60 days prior to competition, sale, show or breeding season.

  2. Mix one full measuring cup of Organic acids and Synbiotic in the horse’s favorite feed twice a day.

  3. Recommended for daily use

  4. Has plenty of clean, fresh water available at all times.

  5. INTRODUCE slowly over a few days, so the horse gets used to the new taste


1 Pure Organic Acid and Synbiotics 3000 Grams (2)


Mixing Enzymes and Organic Acids and getting the right amount within a diet helps horses in competition improve their physique and also recover quicker from exercise, very useful when it comes to providing building blocks to build muscle protein.