True digestibility is estimated by correcting for the endogenous and microbial amount of a nutrient actually lost in the faeces. The measurement of apparent digestibility is less complex than measuring true digestibility and, therefore, more suited to the requirements of diagnostic livestock systems research. The Product was tested on 4 Male Mink (Neovision Vision) for 7 days. Digestibility with WITANOR enzymes… [ 76 more words ]

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Mette K Johnsen

SUMMER ECZEMA By: Mathilde Kvernland Life with an Icelandic horse with summer eczema has its own struggles. I have had 3 years of experimenting and trying products to make Baldur’s life with eczema a little better, and I thought I would share to you how I was able to prevent all the itching and Baldur’s condition better. Witanor horse product is always been a big help for Baldur. This product has really helped us get through the summers. This product is a natural support for Baldur’s immune system to stop the itch. Eczema, itchy areas on the base of the tail.mid-line of the belly, mane, and neck. Proper diet and exercise is essential for horse health. This product is a supplement to help maintain horse health.

Amanda Waagan Lillerovde

Congratulations Ness Tjo Edel from Suldal Hestesenter for winning AGAIN!!! He is now qualified for the biggest competition in this class on the 25th of July! Congratulations from Witanor Horse! Thank you for using Witanor products!! 🏆🥇🏆🥇🏆🥇🏆🥇🏆

Witanor Horse is delighted and honored to have Equine veterinary Sigurjon Einarsson who specializes in Health management of horses.

Chantelle Haagensen This is so inspiring. The Horses that she has on Witanor exhibits better overall trainability and makes an enormous impact. She trained horses for her mother and winning a lot of competition this year! Chantelle Haagensen’s been using Witanor Horse everyday for 1 year. The result is very obvious, with Witanor Horse victory is a guarantee due to its property to develop muscle mass and long horse endurance. She said this Witanor Horse product is very amazing.

Mathilde and Baldur


Mathilde and Baldur

Our feeding routines


Our feeding routines are a big part of the daily routines. To have a healthy and happy horse, the insides are what counts the most. The feed I have decided to give Baldur is to keep a balance in his gut flora, to keep his skin, fur and mane healthy, and not least to keep him fit and muscular. I do also give him special supplements to keep his eczema in check.

  • Witanor Horse (link)

First of all, let’s start with the one supplement I have been using for ages. To be more exact – 3 years! Witanor Horse is a supplement I started using when I bought Baldur, and it has helped us so much! Not only does it help him gain weight(he had a period where he was very skinny), but also muscle mass that stays forever. Since getting his diagnosis, we’ve had periods of 3-5 weeks at a time where he would stand still. But his muscles never faded. That way it was easier to take breaks and come back without having to work alot to get back to where we were before the break. In addition, Witanor does wonder for the stamina! Baldur can go on for ages without tiring.

Witanor also helps to stabilize the gut flora. Baldur has, cross my heart, NEVER had diarrhea since I started giving him Witanor. He also used to be very skittish, something that has “tuned down” since we started this supplement. He is still skittish, but the level of skittish is way lower than it used to be. His fur is also great, and it has helped alot with the worst parts of the eczema. Not only has it helped with all of the above, but I do strongly believe it has helped Baldur alot with healing processes. Taking biopsies, using chemo treatments, and generally wounds – it all heals faster for Baldur. I definitely recommend this product!

Maria Waagan