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Vinteren kommer

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

In the winter months, many horses will need extra energy to help them maintain their body temperature without decreasing body weight or creating stress due to discomfort for multiple days (cold stress).

Since lower quality forages are often used in winter in order to maximize access and intakes, there may be lower intakes of anti-oxidant vitamins A, E and C that are lost in prolonged storage. Poorer quality hays may also be lower or imbalanced in mineral content relative to the needs of especially young growing horses and mares in late pregnancy. Therefore the use of Witanor Organic Acids & synbiotics supplement is beneficial.

Digestive Aids or Gastric Ulcer Supplements

Horses confined to stalls for prolonged periods of time due to inclement weather may experience psychological stress that can be alleviated in part by provision of free access to forage. However, they could still be at increased risk of gastric ulceration. supplementing Witanor Pure Enzymes and Synbiotic may reduce the incidence or severity of ulceration.

Anti-Colic Supplements

The risk of impaction colic is dramatically increased by inadequate water intake, reduced physical activity, and lower quality forage intake, all of which can be present in cold winter months. Horses will not drink as much ice-cold water as they will if the water is ice free and at least 40ºF. If water is being provided in buckets it is important that they be checked twice daily and if the water is starting to freeze that it be replaced.

Winter Pure Probiotics is consist of probiotics or yeast cultures which reduces the mortality and morbidity of gastrointestinal diseases, helps normalize intestinal microflora. The major nutritional concerns during the winter months include adequate calories to maintain good body condition and adequate water intake to prevent impaction colic


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