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Witanor Horse – testing

Veterinary Tonje Lund Ness has performed a test with Witanor Horse powder. –Witanor horse is a new product on the market and I wanted with this test to raise my own experience and be able to refer to more horses as basis for the fact that Witanor has the effect that is told and expected. 

This test is not scientifically executed, but parameters have been selected as a reason to feed with Witanor Horse. Horse owners were given the product and a form to fill out in advance about the problems their horses have had, and to note if there were any changes after use of the product. 61 horses are in this test, of these, 15 Coldblooded Trotters, 24 Warmblooded Trotters, 8 Norwegian Warmbloods, 2 Norwegian Fjords, 2 Arabians and 10 Icelandic horses.

We have per date only received 10 filled forms. The majority meant that there is improvement on their horse, but few saw no change and were not sure as there were a few factors that had been changed, such as feed and gracing. Orally, Tonje has received a lot of positive feedback. Especially on horses that had contracted stomachs, were stressed and partially aggressive, Tonje received positive feedback. These horses have started to put on weight, become much calmer and were easier to handle.

Tonje will in the fall continue to work on collecting forms, photos and to try and systemize the results. Based on the results that have come in so far, both written and oral, it seems like Witanor Horse is an exciting product on the horse market. With today’s price it should be competitive and in addition, there is no other product that contains lactic bacteria, enzymes and yeast cell walls in one.

  • If my test on Witanor Horse show significant results, I hope it can be of interest to make a scientific examination on the product and it’s composition.
  • As a veterinary, I am becoming more and more interested in bowel- and intestine related problems on horses. I see how important of a factor this is, considering other illnesses, sustain, competition results and stress. Witanor Horse has a lot to input in the horse world.


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