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Witanor’s effects on eczema


Before Witanor Horse enzyme and probiotics was introduced


Same year after Witanor Horse enzyme and probiotics was introduced.

Mathilde kvernland have an Icelandic horse who has struggled with summer eczema ever since it was imported from Iceland. The horse doesn’t respond to insects very well, particularly gnat and ticks.

Last year was so bad that a veterinarian had to come over. The horse kept on scratching until it bleeds and got an infection in the wound. This had to be scrapped and kept clean.

Mathilde began giving horse enzymes and probiotics from Witanor few weeks before the insects arrived. This year the scratching has gone, and the tail has dramatically improved. The horse is also satisfied.

In addition, the horse is remarkably quieter and calmer. This horse was known to be shy and to constantly be spooked by little things, but this has improved significantly.


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